incredibly, UCC received a very special federal grant of over 2 million dollars this year

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Wow, what a coincidence that the college where the “shooting” occurred received a special federal grant – – just like the Sandy Hook / Newtown community received shortly before their “shooting”

Umpqua Community College received notification Thursday it will receive a $2,241,102 five-year grant to improve student success.

UCC is one of only two colleges in Oregon (with Tillamook Bay Community College) and 39 nationwide chosen to receive the highly competitive Title III, Part A grant.

The grant will fund Students at UCC Engaging in Strategies for Success (SUCCESS), a program that will establish a comprehensive, integrated First-Year Experience Program for all new students intending to earn a degree or complete a credit program. SUCCESS aims to improve graduation rates by better preparing students for college.

“This grant supports UCC ongoing efforts to help students achieve their goals of a college degree,” explained Susan Taylor, director of grants and planned giving for the UCC Foundation. “By allowing us to provide additional support for students as they start college, we can have a huge impact on their ability to complete a degree or certificate program. The impact will be life-changing.”

Some of the SUCCESS components include early alert and intervention systems to prevent students from dropping out, supplemental instruction and mentoring, flexible learning spaces in the campus library, and campus technology improvements.

Title III, Part A is a component of the Higher Education Act of 1965, a legislative document designed to strengthen the educational resources of colleges and universities and provide financial assistance for students in postsecondary education.

My Perception of the Bushies

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Regarding George HW Bush , George W Bush and Jeb! “Eeyore” Bush , I think the Bushies are Globalists Lite , that is,  they dont want to harm country and dont hate military but want a New World Order w/ US dominating . Democrats like Obama hate USA and don’t want it as a sovereign superpower nation anymore.
I am a fading Republican that’s leaning libertarian and was Democrat until 1998.  I’ve been politically active by voting in 95% of elections, even “minor” ones, my entire adult life. So I’ve seen how neither party is really about everyday citizens, its about a global agenda, and sometimes a very corrupt one, ie cultivation of drug crops in Afghanistan , Burma and Columbia.
Jeb! Bush is not about you- do not vote for him!

Catholics Forcefeed Agenda 21 through guilt trips and more. From Breitbart News

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My commentary : so in summary, what follows here is Catholic leadership is on board with the United Nations agenda 21 plan of action. UN Agenda 21 is a 200 – 300 page agreement ( instead of treaty which requires senate passage – think Iran “deal” , it’s basically the same trick) drawn up in 1992. Because of bad press, I believe the UN is using ” millennial development goals” instead of Agenda 21 in press releases and social media. Look it up, it’s about 1 religion 1 global government (AKA new world order) and forced eco and moral guidelines. Is this the world anyone really wants to live in other than those capstone VIPs pulling the levers to control us?

by IAN HANCHETT7 Sep 2015293
CNN Religion Commentator Father Edward Beck argued, “We’ve become very xenophobic, I think, in our country” and “the gospel is really less capitalism, a little bit more Socialist” on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

Beck, while discussing Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the US stated, “I think when he comes here, he’s going to say, ‘What are you willing to do with the immigrants you have? Are you willing to give them path to citizenship? And what are you going to do to even allow more immigrants to come in?’ We’ve become very xenophobic, I think, in our country. Some of it with good cause because of the issues that we’ve had. I mean, remember, the Boston bombers were refugees from Russia. So, there needs to be a vetting of refugees, of immigrants. The pope would be on board with that. But [what] he’s going to say is, ‘What is your Christian perspective with actually doing something practical?’”

Beck later added, “what the pope will scold is unbridled capitalism that says it’s all about you. Remember, the gospel is really less capitalism, a little bit more Socialist. It says if somebody has two coats, and you meet somebody who only has no coat — or has not coat, you have to give them one of your coats. Now, that’s not really according to our ethos and our perspective, I don’t think. You say, ‘Well, you’ve got to work for your own coat.” But you don’t ask, ‘Why don’t you have a coat?’ You first meet the need.”

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Role of DOD and NORTHCOM in disaster per Department Of Homeland Security worksheet

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(Translation: military can take on role of domestic law enforcement in disaster scenarios. Yep, they can go after the citizens they are supposed to protect unconditionally)

Fron DHS website:

Describe the major role of the U.S. Department of Defense and NORTHCOM in domestic emergency management.

Recalling session #11 regarding intergovernmental relations, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) provides help in disasters and terror events through various Emergency Support Functions under the National Response Plan/Framework (NRP/F) and must do so consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

DoD itself is restricted in the sense that contributions its military and civilian workers provide to civilian authorities “must not interfere with DoD’s ability to perform its primary mission or adversely affect military preparedness.”

Note as well that specific military authorities are paired with civilian counterparts at different levels of government in a disaster or emergency.
Military forces are authorized to support law enforcement at Federal, State, local level in any Weapon of Mass Destruction event.

DoD plays a lead role in any bioterrorism event or any event involving use of nuclear materials by enemies of the nation. In formal terms, the U.S. Attorney General may request DoD aid in matters involving nuclear materials, if law enforcement would be impaired without DoD help and if civilian law enforcement personnel are not capable of enforcing the law.

In other types of catastrophes, disasters, or emergencies, DHS (and FEMA) is lead or primary Federal agency in coordinating emergency response and recovery with State and locals. In such circumstances, DoD is then a supporting agency.

When the Federal government is responding to a terrorist or criminal act, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the lead or primary Federal agency. The FBI is a law enforcement agency first and foremost but it, like FEMA, has been recruited by national law and policy into the fight against terrorism and terrorist threat.

The same DoD assets and abilities that make it an effective responder to disasters outside the U.S., make it well qualified to respond inside the U.S. to the same types of disasters. FEMA routinely reimburses DoD

Regarding 2014 Homeland Security Operation Capstone

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Thanks to Alex Jones, I became aware of Department Of Homeland Security’s 2014 Operation Capstone which involved a scenerio where the country is THREATENED by an anti- socialist tyranny organization

A bit of background on the Head Honcho of the exercise, Chad Payeur, gleaned from a 2015 Homeland Security schedule of events for a conference:

May 20, 2015
1:00 – 2:00/2:15 – 3:15 Breakout Session Room K308 National Exercise Program (NEP) Briefing Chad Payeur, Chief, Exercise Program Coordination Section, NED, FEMA
This presentation is a discussion on how the National Exercise Division (NED) assists communities in validating their ability to deliver needed capabilities across the five mission areas through the design and conduct of exercises in accordance with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. Participation by communities in the NEP provides the opportunity to influence national preparedness policy and contribute to the assessment of national preparedness.
Chad Payeur is currently responsible for the National Exercise Program, working with the private sector, faith based organizations, academic institutions, local jurisdictions, states, and the federal government to build a national exercise program that can validate our collective ability to deliver the core capabilities necessary to make our nation more secure and resilient.

Chad recently served as the Lead Exercise Planner for Capstone 2014, which included over 10,000 emergency management and homeland security participants from over 20 local communities, 3 states, 2 regions, 29 private sector organizations, 10 international countries and over 50 departments/agencies – making it one of the nation’s largest emergency management exercises ever conducted on American soil.

Chad was a Navy ROTC scholarship recipient and served his country for five years as a Surface Warfare Officer. Over the past eight years has supported the implementation of three different emergency management exercise programs within the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. He completed his undergraduate degree in History and World Religions from Georgetown University in Washington DC in 2002 and received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Hawaii in 2010. Chad is also a Master Exercise Practitioner and a graduate of Harvard’s Executive Education Certificate Program: Leadership in Crisis.

Virginia Shooting and Sandy Hook School Shooting Synchronicity

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How is it that the location where the Virginia shooting happens to have a climbing wall with almost IDENTICAL tree symbol as Sandy Hook –  Newtown Connecticut’s cultivating character one ?



Transcript of My call to Rush Limbaugh re Catholics and Federal Funding of their institutions

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How the Catholic Church Got Roped into Liberalism
March 16, 2012

Windows Media

RUSH: To the phones we go on Open Line Friday, starting in Santa Barbara, California.  Hi Diane, you’re up first.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush! I was wondering if you noticed a pattern starting with Georgetown University, who’s heavily funded by federal money, and how they abandon their principles? I noticed that the Law School Reproductive Health — or Reproductive Justice — was started like in ’09. So it’s just kind of crazy how just a lot of pressure to abandon their principles.

RUSH:  You know, I was talking to somebody about this the other night, Diane. This is actually a very brilliant point that you’ve come up with.  Somebody was asking me, “What are they mad at you for?  You’re not the one denying them contraceptives.  Georgetown is.”  Except, Diane, you should know that we looked into this.  Georgetown University does provide contraception when it is prescribed for medical conditions that have nothing to do with birth control.  Contraceptives sometimes have other medicinal benefits, and Georgetown will allow the coverage for the prescription of contraception in those circumstances but not to be used for birth control.  So I’m not the one denying anybody birth control and Georgetown is.

But that’s why these activists enroll there.  One of the questions that came up was, “Well, why would you enroll? If you’re a big birth control activist, and if for some reason you think that your country is denying you all the birth control that you want, why would you enroll at a place that doesn’t offer it?”  Well, duh.  If you’re an activist, by definition, you are enrolling to stir it up there.  You are enrolling to tear down the moral and conscience policies of that institution.  That’s the express purpose.  The Catholic Church is under siege. The Catholic Church is under attack.  It’s a huge target.  And the Catholic Church finally knows it. 

The Catholic Church is finally standing up in defense of some of this stuff.  Diane, you should know — and the rest of you, too — that I learned a lot during this whole fiasco.  One of the things that I learned was the reason the Catholic Church (all the way back to the days of FDR) got roped into the liberal socialist agenda is that they became convinced that welfare was charity, and churches are big on charity.  And they thought that it would sound good for them to support massive government wealth-transfer programs, welfare programs, under the guise that it was charity.  So the Catholic Church and its hierarchy in this country slowly but surely migrated to socialism, in terms of its political preferences.

Now, not so much the way it dealt with its flock, but outwardly — with its political associations and attachments (i.e. people that they voted for, supported) — under the notion that liberalism is charity, under the notion that welfare is charity.  Well, it isn’t.  Welfare is the willful absconding of money owned by others and giving it to other people for your benefit, not theirs.  Liberals give money to people wanting a payback. The payback is the vote.  Liberals are not giving people money to increase their lifestyles or improve their lifestyles.  It doesn’t happen, does it?  The poor are still poor.  The homeless are still homeless.  Despite all these great liberal programs, the numbers, the percentages never change. 

Liberalism doesn’t solve problems. It doesn’t fix anything.  It just exacerbates them.  So it isn’t charity.  Real charity is targeted to people in genuine need who cannot help themselves.  The purpose of welfare is not to help people who can’t help themselves. If I may be blunt, the purpose of welfare is to create as many people as possible who refuse to help themselves because they don’t have to anymore.  They’ve got welfare plans.  Welfare is robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote.  It’s insidious. It destroys people’s humanity and their dignity. It takes away their ambition, their desires and gives them a life of squalor, under the guise of big-heartedness and charity and so forth.

And what it comes down to, Diane, is the left — the Democrat Party, however you want to describe them — never want to be judged on the results of their so-called good works.  They want credit for their good intentions.  (sobbing) “Well, we want to end homelessness and we want to end poverty, and that makes us good people.”  They never do end homelessness. They never do end poverty. You’re never supposed to point that out. You’re just supposed to talk about how big their hearts are.  But the Catholic Church got roped into this whole notion that all of that is “charity,” so they became big supporters of it.  This is now causing some lights to go on at the upper levels of the Church and they’re starting to see things the way you do, Diane.


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